How To Choose Your Diamond Engagement Ring

For centuries the diamond engagement ring has symbolized love eternal and at WhiteFire, we generate our rings with that in mind. Rings procured from WhiteFire are developed to final for generations to come. We only use the maximum high quality merchandise for our engagements and wedding ceremony rings. In performing so, our diamond engagement rings stand the take a look at of time and go on to develop into relatives heirlooms. Down below you will study how to store for an engagement ring and how to choose a diamond that is ideal for you.


First and in all probability most crucial, is pinpointing your spending budget, we have wedding ring sets starting off at $489 and diamond engagement rings as significantly as $45,000 . The most well-liked common for purchasing an engagement ring is to shell out the equivalent of two months salary for the ring. Whilst this is the standard, it definitely would not imply you will not have other requirements to base your spending plan on. The significant component is that you decide on the diamond ring that you can manage and your future fiancé will love. In other phrases, a ring you each will be happy to very own for several decades to arrive. It appears much easier than you may well assume. Even so, at WhiteFire you do not have to go at it on your own. Our lots of decades of knowledge will enable you get on the suitable observe to producing that rather wearisome task of purchasing your great diamond engagement ring a pleasant just one.

Finding the Ideal Price

Acquiring your diamond engagement ring from qualified experts like WhiteFire insures that you have selected a significant high-quality merchandise at an inexpensive price tag. As a consequence of our large specifications, we only use the most effective supplies. Our perfectly-experienced artisan jewelers make goods that are created to past for generations to appear. In undertaking so, our consumers are certain of getting exceptional price for their purchases.

When comparison-purchasing for your diamond, be absolutely sure to assess the cost with diamonds of the exact form, dimensions, colour, minimize, and clarity. Not all styles are priced the exact. Generally remember that all other things currently being equivalent, a poorly slice diamond may possibly cost as much 50% significantly less than a diamond with a greater or best reduce. Inadequately reduce diamonds will not have the sparkle and fire that a properly-slash diamond will have.

You may well check with- why are some diamonds effectively slash although some others are not? Very well the response is really simple. As you may know, diamonds are slash from the first crystal that mom-earth has yielded suitable out of the ground. Some of these tough crystals are great for reducing nicely-proportioned diamonds and some are not. A diamond cutter will identify initially, what shape may possibly be slash from that piece of certain rough crystal to optimize concluded or polished fat. Based on the cutter’s objectives, he will in the long run choose if he wishes to minimize for natural beauty or weight retention. When chopping for splendor, commonly more gem weight is lost or minimize absent. Consequently a diamond that is well proportioned will command a bigger value at market place. A diamond that is not as nicely proportioned will command a lessen cost at sector.

Deciding on Your Ring

When picking your ring you must look at the expense of configurations produced from the identical metals. Platinum settings will normally price far more than 14K or 18K gold. Make certain the heft or pounds of the rings are comparable. These times a excellent deal of jewellery is manufactured above-seas. Rings or options created in excess of-seas are normally really mild in fat and could not stand the take a look at of time that a heavier excess weight, domestic ring will past. Definitely a heavier weight will price tag a bit additional.

Ring Model

What about the design and style of the ring? Does she want some thing basic and conventional? Or does she like a vintage appear, or possibly a modern day search?

Acquiring a Diamond That Suits Your Funds

When contemplating the four C’s of obtaining your diamond, you ought to identify which of the 4C’s are most critical to you. Is it Colour? Is it Clarity? Is it Carat Bodyweight? Or is it a mixture of all 4C’s? Whatsoever it is, the 4C’s eventually identify the price or obtaining cost of your perfect diamond.

You may possibly talk to, which is the most important of the 4C’s? For sparkle, fireplace and brilliance, some expert’s will claims it is the Slice or symmetry that is most critical. Even though other individuals will say it is the Colour that is most crucial. Even so, it is significant to observe that when experts are seasoned industry experts and uncovered to diamonds on a every day basis, it is ultimately you the consumer that decides what is lovely. Regardless of what industry experts say, it is you and only you that can genuinely ascertain what is finest for you, your fiancé and your spending budget- Soon after all, “Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder” proper?

Discover How to Select a Diamond

Familiarize yourself with the the 4Cs of diamond acquiring. They are: Reduce, Color, Clarity and Carat Bodyweight. WhiteFire presents a extensive variety of diamonds in numerous styles and sizes. You must obtain a diamond that is excellent for by way of selling price and high-quality.

Slice – The minimize of the diamond can have an affect on its cost by as substantially as 50%. Even so, be sure to know that Lower does NOT imply the shape of the diamond. By shape I imply preferred cuts like the Spherical Excellent, Princess, Oval, Radiant, and many others. Slash refers to symmetry or how nicely a diamond is proportioned. A further phrase utilised inside of the diamond market is “make” of the diamond. The Lower or Make of the diamond decides how a very well-proportioned diamond will sparkle immediately after it is fashioned and polished for the close person. Yet again, a well-lower diamond will command a bigger value at industry. A inadequately lower diamond will not be as “fiery” or “good” and will be a lot less pricey.

Colour – Shade is yet another vital issue in figuring out the benefit of a diamond. A diamonds system shade or shade quality is established by applying a letter grading scale developed by the Gemological Institute of America. The coloration grading scale starts with the letter D of the alphabet and 鑽石耳環 goes down to the letter X. Commencing with the letter D, the diamond will be at its whitest coloration and is also referred to colorless. As you shift further down the grading scale in the direction of X, the diamond will slowly turn out to be considerably less colorless and typically have extra yellow coloration.

White or colorless diamonds are exceptional and therefore far more important or high priced. The extra colour or yellow a diamond has, the minimum expensive is. The color grading scale is mainly broken down into 4 types.

Colorless- consisting of D to F in shade, Close to Colorless- G as a result of J in colour, Faint Yellow- K to in M in coloration and Pretty Light-weight or Light Yellow- this means N to X in colour. Outside of that place is what is categorised as Fancy Yellow and that is a totally various ballgame.

Right here is a very good obtaining idea to retain in thoughts. Diamonds are best seen when they are unfastened. It is challenging to tell color when a diamond is in the ring placing, even for a qualified. Most diamonds will facial area up as a whiter shade when they are already established in the ring mounting.

Clarity – Clarity refers to how clear the gem is of inclusions. Inclusions are in a natural way developing qualities inside of the diamond, kind of a fingerprint of the diamond if you will. Just as no one will ever have your finger print pattern, no two diamonds will at any time have the identical inclusions oriented in the exact way. It is particularly not likely.

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